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Cash Advance in Michigan

Michigan has a population of over 10 million people, any one of which can fall into financial hardships. Michigan residents who need cash can turn to cash advance loans.

If you need a payday loan in Michigan, this guide will cover how they work and the state's cash advance loan laws.

What Is a Cash Advance Loan

A cash advance loan, sometimes referred to as a payday loan, is a short-term loan that's ideal for borrowers who need emergency cash.

However, these loan amounts often come with high fees and interest rates.

Here are some quick details regarding cash advances in Michigan:

Michigan Laws Regarding Cash Advance Loans

These loans are formally called "deferred presentment service transactions" and are governed by the Deferred Presentment Service Transactions Act.

Michigan mandates a tiered fee structure for these loans.

The interest rates are regulated by state law based on the loan amount, with higher rates for higher loan amounts.

Requirements for a Cash Advance Loan

Here are some common requirements to qualify for a payday loan in Michigan:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Personal details like name and address
  3. Valid ID
  4. Active checking account
  5. Social Security number
  6. Proof of income, like a bank statement or pay stub

NOTE: Specific document requirements may vary, so check with your chosen lender.

How to Get a Cash Advance Loan With Our Third-Party Lenders

If you want an online cash advance loan in Michigan, our selection of third-party lenders can get you your cash faster. Simply fill out our inquiry form to start the process.

When one of our third-party lenders takes on your loan request, they will reach out to you and guide you throughout the process.

You can get approved quickly, even within 1-2 business days. After approval, sign the loan agreement and receive your cash.

Selecting the Right Type of Loan

Choosing the right loan is crucial. It's important to determine and consider all your options carefully before looking into any type of loan.

Here are some other types of loans that you may wish to consider:

Can You Get a Cash Advance Loan in Michigan With Bad Credit

Borrowers with bad credit can still get an almost instant cash advance online in Michigan.

Payday lenders usually prioritize your ability to repay the loan over your credit history.


Payday loans in Michigan can help pay for surprise expenses.

If you are considering taking out a payday loan in Michigan, start by filling in our inquiry form.


Find out more about Michigan payday loans here.

How Do Online Payday Loans Work?

Online payday loans operate similarly to traditional or local lenders but are initiated through an online application process.
Online payday loans offer a convenient and fast way to the borrower:
Get Started: Fill in our inquiry form.
Get an Offer: After pre-approval, a third-party lender from our network will review your application and offer a loan based on your needs.
Get Your Funds: Upon signing the loan agreement, you can then receive the approved loan amount, potentially within 1-2 business days.

Why Do So Many People Use Payday Loans Despite the Potential Consequences?

People use payday loans because they're easy to get and provide quick funds. Their convenience makes them popular.

How to Consolidate Payday Loans?

Michigan residents with multiple outstanding loans may ask their lender if they can consolidate the debt. To do so, calculate your outstanding balance and contact additional lenders.
See if they can help you with your old creditors. If they accept, you may be qualified for better repayment terms like a lower APR or longer loan term. Note that debt consolidation is more difficult to qualify for and may require a hard credit check.

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