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What is a Cash Advance in Bloomington, Minnesota

Located in the heart of Minnesota, Bloomington is known for its bustling economic activities and diverse population. For residents who find themselves in a pinch financially, a cash advance can be a lifesaver. This financial tool allows you to borrow a short-term loan that you’ll repay with your next paycheck. It’s designed to meet unexpected expenses, whether that’s a car repair, a medical emergency, or a bill that’s higher than anticipated.

How Do Payday Loans Work

A payday loan, sometimes referred to as a cash advance or short-term loan, is designed as a small, unsecured loan that borrowers take out to cover their expenses until their next payday. The name originates from the idea that the borrower is expected to pay the loan back as soon as they receive their next paycheck. Here’s a more detailed look at how payday loans function:

Application Process

  • In-Person: Borrowers can apply for payday loans at storefront lenders. They will need to provide personal information, proof of income, and sometimes, details of a bank account.
  • Online: Many lenders now offer online applications. By filling out an online form on platforms like US Cash Advance, borrowers can initiate the loan process. These platforms often connect borrowers to a network of third-party lenders.

Loan Amount

  • Payday loans typically range from as little as $50 to $1,000, depending on the state’s legal maximums and the borrower’s paycheck amount.


  • Lenders often don’t conduct a full credit check or ask questions to determine if a borrower can afford to repay the loan. Instead, they base their approval on the borrower’s income and access to a bank account.
  • Some online platforms might connect you to lenders who conduct a soft credit check, which doesn’t affect your credit score.

Receiving the Funds

  • Upon approval, funds are usually deposited directly into the borrower’s bank account. This process can be as quick as a few hours or the next business day, depending on the lender and the time of application.


  • Payday loans have a short repayment period, often around two weeks.
  • Repayment typically involves the borrower’s next paycheck. The borrower either post-dates a personal check to coincide with their next payday or provides electronic authorization for the lender to withdraw the money directly from their bank account.
  • If the borrower doesn’t have enough funds in their account when the loan is due, they may face bank overdraft fees in addition to the loan’s fees and interest rate.

Interest and Fees:

  • Payday loans often come with very high interest rates, sometimes equating to an annual percentage rate (APR) of 400% or more.
  • Fees might include a fee per every $50 or $100 borrowed.

Roll-over or Loan Renewal:

  • If a borrower can’t repay the loan by the due date, some lenders offer an extension for an additional fee. This roll-over can lead to a cycle of loans and roll-overs, resulting in the borrower owing much more than the original loan amount.

Loan Settlement:

  • If a borrower can’t repay or roll-over the loan, the lender can cash the post-dated check or execute the electronic withdrawal. If the account lacks funds, the borrower will face additional fees.

In conclusion, while payday loans can offer a quick fix for immediate financial needs, they come with significant risks. High interest rates, potential for recurring debt, and other fees can make them an expensive form of credit. It’s crucial to consider other financial solutions before opting for a payday loan.

What to Consider When Taking a Cash Advance

  1. The Necessity: Determine if the cash advance is for a true emergency or if it’s something that can wait.
  2. The Costs: Understand the interest rates and any associated fees to ensure you can repay the full amount on time.
  3. Lender’s Credibility: Always borrow from reputable lenders or platforms like US Cash Advance that connect you with trusted third-party lenders.
  4. Repayment Strategy: Have a clear plan on how you intend to repay the loan by the due date.

Cash Advance for Bad Credit

Having bad credit can be a roadblock to accessing many financial services. However, when it comes to cash advances in Bloomington, some lenders are willing to consider other factors beyond your credit score, like your employment status or monthly income. Platforms like US Cash Advance can connect you with such lenders, ensuring even those with less-than-stellar credit have a shot at getting the financial help they need.

Pros and Cons of Cash Advance in Bloomington


  1. Quick Access to Funds: Often, you’ll receive the money within a day.
  2. Fewer Requirements: Compared to traditional loans, cash advances typically have fewer criteria.
  3. Bad Credit Consideration: As previously mentioned, your credit score isn’t the sole determinant.


  1. Higher Interest Rates: Cash advances come with notably higher interest rates than other loan types.
  2. Short Repayment Period: The requirement to repay by your next paycheck can be challenging for some.
  3. Potential Debt Cycle: Failure to repay can lead to a cycle of borrowing that worsens your financial situation.

Local Lenders vs. Online Cash Advance Lenders

Local Lenders: The Personal Touch

Local cash advance lenders, often seen as storefront operations in various neighborhoods, offer borrowers the advantage of face-to-face interaction. When you walk into a local payday loan store, you can speak directly with a representative, ask questions, and gauge the authenticity of the operation. For many, this physical presence provides a sense of security because they know exactly where the business is located should they have issues or questions in the future. Local lenders can also sometimes offer a more personal touch, understanding the specific financial needs and challenges of the community they serve. However, one drawback to local lenders is the potential lack of privacy, as other local residents might see you entering or exiting the store. Additionally, the hours of operation might be limited, and if you’re unable to visit during their business hours, obtaining a loan can become inconvenient.

Online Cash Advance Lenders: Convenience and Broader Options

In contrast, online cash advance lenders offer unparalleled convenience. Borrowers can start the loan process from the comfort of their homes at any time, day or night. This 24/7 accessibility is particularly useful for individuals with busy schedules or those who need funds urgently during non-business hours. Online platforms, like US Cash Advance, even connect borrowers to a wide network of third-party lenders, increasing the chances of approval and providing borrowers with multiple loan offers to choose from. With digital encryption technology, online transactions can also be secure, ensuring that personal and financial data remain confidential. On the downside, without face-to-face interactions, some borrowers might find it challenging to establish trust or get immediate answers to their questions. There’s also a need to be wary of online scams, making it essential to ensure the online lender or platform is reputable and trustworthy.

In conclusion, while local lenders offer personalized service and the comfort of a physical location, online lenders score high on convenience and variety. Borrowers should weigh their preferences, needs, and priorities when deciding between the two.


How quickly can I get a cash advance in Bloomington?

Depending on the lender, you can often receive funds within 24 hours of approval.

What if I have bad credit?

Many cash advance lenders consider factors other than just your credit score. US Cash Advance can connect you with lenders who are open to working with individuals with bad credit.

How much can I borrow with a cash advance?

The amount varies based on the lender and your financial situation, but cash advances are typically for small amounts meant to cover immediate expenses.

What’s the difference between a cash advance and a payday loan?

They are often used interchangeably. Both refer to short-term loans that are typically repaid by your next payday.

Is US Cash Advance a lender?

No, US Cash Advance is not a lender. It serves as a platform connecting borrowers with trusted third-party lenders within its network.

Are the interest rates high for cash advances?

Yes, compared to traditional loans, cash advances tend to have higher interest rates. Always ensure you understand the total cost before borrowing.


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