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Cash Advance in Louisiana

Louisiana is famous worldwide for its lively culture and delicious cuisine.

However, unexpected bills may cause Louisiana residents to need emergency funds. Louisianians can look into payday loans for quick extra cash. Continue reading to find out how a cash advance in Louisiana works.

What Is a Cash Advance Loan

A cash advance or payday loan is a personal loan with high interest rates.

These are details on Louisiana payday loan regulations:

Louisiana offers an extended repayment plan as well. Borrowers can pay one loan in four equal installments once in twelve months, but the request must be made before the original payment is due.

NOTE: To know your loan's exact APR, consult with your chosen lender.

Requirements for a Cash Advance Loan

These are the general requirements for a cash advance loan:

Louisiana Bad Credit Cash Advance Loans

Louisiana supports bad credit cash advance loans. Lenders typically focus on a borrower's capacity to repay over their credit score.

Get a Cash Advance Loan With Our Third-Party Lenders

Starting a cash advance loan can be difficult if you don't know where to look.

Fortunately, we can connect you with knowledgeable state-compliant third-party lenders to fully guide you throughout the process.

Fill out our inquiry form with your loan details and wait. A lender will contact you after pre-approval.

Choosing the Right Loan Type

Not all expenses can be covered by a cash advance Consider these factors when deciding what kind of loan to take out:

Louisiana Laws About Cash Advance Loans

Louisiana's state government passed regulations within the Deferred Presentment and Small Loans Act to guarantee that no licensed lender abuses the loan payment system.

These regulations must be followed:

The Deferred Presentment Small Loans Act § 3578.4. 1(a) states the following regarding an extended repayment plan:

"A consumer who cannot repay either a deferred presentment transaction or small loan when due to a licensee may elect once in any twelve months to repay the licensee the amount due under the deferred presentment transaction or small loan using installments."


When expenses may become difficult to manage, Louisiana residents can consider getting an online payday loan through our third-party lenders to help them keep going.

Gain access to secure and straightforward loans and terms through the inquiry form on our website.


This segment discusses common payday loan inquiries.

How to Consolidate Payday Loans?

Payday loan consolidation combines multiple outstanding loans into a new personal loan with lower interest rates. Ask your lender for assistance with debt consolidation.

How Many Payday Loans Can I Get?

In Louisiana, you can only have 1 payday loan at a time. You can refinance a loan after repaying 25% of the principal but will be charged accordingly.

How to Pay off Payday Loans Fast?

These are steps you may take to quickly pay off payday loans:
Get a repayment plan
Pay extra on the payday loan
Commit to not borrowing excessively

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